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7 New Year’s Resolutions

‘Tis the season to reflect and ponder. There is nothing like the passage of time and the mile marker of December 31 to stimulate reflection. The date reminds us that we managed to complete a lap around the sun and reminds us of the goals we may have set a year ago. It also reminds us just how far we progressed with those goals and, in some instances, the goals we left behind—such as those ambitious gym membership plans.

Regardless of how much progress you made last year or bad habits that endured, each new year provides a clean slate. And, with a year like 2020, we all deserve the chance to start fresh and focus on ensuring that we have a year of progress, growth and evolution. 

2020 upended and stymied the world of early talent, but we are set for a major rebound in 2021. People are ready to get back to their lives, and the search for talent will start humming again. 

So, while you get your creative juices flowing to build out your 2021 resolutions for the world of early talent and campus recruiting, we thought we’d help you out by identifying a few. 

  1. Flip the script and invest in pre-hire skill development. Get your employees ready to hit the ground running from day one.
  2. Embrace and recognize the invaluable benefits of digital platforms and move away from analog approaches that stifle the reach of your employer brand.
  3. Breakaway from the cookie-cutter mold of ideal candidate profiles and recognize the incredible contribution diversity of thought, background, and experience can make to your organization.
  4. Recognize that a candidate is so much more than their resume, and the most successful employees are resilient, adaptable, and invested in making the organization a success.
  5. Why limit your early attraction process to just university students? Start earlier. Make an impact earlier because that’s where the career path starts to take shape.
  6. Recognize that we are entering a world of social enterprise, and to keep up, you must give more than you take. Do this by nurturing early talent and investing in them.
  7. Stop viewing diversity and inclusion as a trade-off because it doesn’t have to be. Apply creative approaches to access to fulfill diversity promises and recognize that the first and most critical step is opening your doors to anyone, anywhere, and bridge the opportunity gap.

These resolutions might seem ambitious, but they will enable your organization to realize the full potential of early talent and enter the brave new world of early talent. To keep up with the changing pace and stand out from your competitors, you must act now.

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