The preskilling platform
for early talent

There is a gap between the world of learning and work. Forage bridges the gap with virtual job simulations that are purpose-built to inspire, engage and hire the next generation of talent.

Find out why Forage candidates are better prepared for the workplace and 4x more likely to get hired.

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The gap between the world of learning and work is real

The Candidates

58% don’t understand differences between employers

86% don’t believe study prepares them with workplace skills

66% apply just to increase  employment chances

The Employers

Employers are inundated with undifferentiated applicants

New hires lack skills and require substantial training

Ideal candidates can’t apply, don’t apply or opt-out too soon

Forage bridges the gap and produces candidates that outperform


Forage candidates immerse themselves in your brand for 4.8 hours on average


Employers are 2x more likely to advance a Forage candidate to an interview


Employers are 4x more likely to extend a job offer to a Forage candidate

Redefine the candidate journey through Virtual Job Simulations


Inspire the next generation of talent by demystifying what you do through virtual experience programs.


Engage a stream of talent aligned with your company values through open-access, scalable and always-on technology.


Future-proof your workforce by hiring high-intent candidates that are preskilled and ready to do your work.

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