Bridge the Gap Between University and the World of Work 

The Candidate Experience Platform that  innovative recruiting teams use to inspire and hire the next generation of emerging talent. 

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A Paradigm Shift in Candidate Experience
The Forage platform engages emerging talent by enhancing the candidate journey with immersive, interactive virtual experiences. It is the only recruitment solution that trains candidates before they  apply, building brand advocacy before the interview.


Demystify your workplace and inspire the next generation of talent to choose you over other employers.


Create a steady stream of talent that is aligned with your company objectives using digitally scalable, always-on technology.


Future-proof your workforce with diverse, high-intent candidates that are ready to do your work.

How It Works

  1. Our emerging talent strategy team helps you create virtual work experiences customized to your unique workplace and your specific opportunities. 

  2. Students immerse themselves in your brand, gain insight into your environment, and learn the nuance of your work through simulated tasks. 

  3. Candidates emerge with job-specific skills and confidence, are better aligned with your culture, and in turn, are more likely to apply and interview better.

Average hours spent
with brand per student


More likely to get

and receive an offer after
completing program


hires coming
from Forage
at partner programs

Move over on-campus activities.
Virtual work experience is here to stay.

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