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Nurture, engage and recruit
top early talent
for internship and entry-level roles.


Forage provides students the ability to work on projects that mirrors the work we do for our clients, and gives us a proven, diverse pipeline of intern candidates.


Niamh McPherson – Technology Strategy
& Transformation Partner at Deloitte

Forage’s platform for students

Student signs up
to forage
Free and open to all students.
Students browse and
enroll in virtual programs.
the role
Students complete tasks at their own pace, with no deadlines.

Showcase your business

Let every student experience the day-to-day work of your organization 
Direct insights
into your company,
people and culture
Clarify the typical
tasks of junior
Highlight and
demystify lesser
known business
Build brand
awareness in
specific student
groups (eg. STEM)

Invest in diverse talent

Upskill students from a range of backgrounds
to build your next generation of talent
A no barriers,
low pressure
Students build
confidence in
their ability to
perform a role
Give students
valuable skills
and experience
for their CV
Online, open
access: every
campus, all day,
every day

Engage early

Positively impact student development as early as possible
Precursor to
Students sample
before recruiting
Engage and
nurture students
from the start
Source high intent,
top students to
convert into
formal programs 

Student Testimonials

Masters of CIS
“Being my first exposure to working with Typescript and React, it was quite challenging but the guidelines were explicit and the overall experience was fantastic. It has made me develop a better understanding and love for software engineering so much so that I am constantly learning programming languages now.”
Masters of Law
I successfully completed a virtual program that allowed me to assist White & Case in a hypothetical cross border transaction, allowing me to understand and practice complex legal concepts. White & Case is a firm I've had my heart set on for a long time - being able to experience working for them has been a dream.
Bachelor of Arts
I am delighted to have completed a virtual program with KPMG and Forage, gaining insight into tasks completed by entry-level graduates within data analytics. Coming from a humanities background, this program was challenging and rewarding to learn about growth patterns, data analysis, and market research.
Yi Kang
Bachelor of Arts
Having the opportunity to work on a complex acquisition project through Linklaters virtual experience program was realistic and insightful. I managed to gain practical legal knowledge and skills, expand my horizons and prepare myself before stepping into my legal career.

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