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The New World of Early Talent

We believe that talent is evenly distributed—opportunity is not.

The education to employment model is broken.

The world, as it relates to education and the pursuit of employment opportunities, is inherently unfair. 

It benefits already privileged cohorts and marginalizes too many talented people, especially those who face discrimination based on gender, race, education, or socioeconomic background. 

The net result is that the best, most lucrative jobs go to people that come out of a credentialing system that is not accessible to large portions of society.

Companies are relying on the wrong solution.

We know universities have a higher purpose: academic development and enlightenment. They were not set up to deliver a pipeline of work-ready employees.  

We believe that employers must bridge this solutions gap by focusing on integrating real work projects into school curriculums.

But ultimately, it is the company’s responsibility to build its own pipeline of work-ready employees.

Together, we can break the cycle.

We want to build a world that is inclusive, accessible, and genuinely fairer than todays. 

We believe in diversity and equality of access, where everyone has the right and means to build skills and showcase their capabilities to any company they like. 

We believe everyone has the right to contribute to society through their employment, regardless of their background or social status.

We believe everyone has the right to be fulfilled by their work while earning a living wage.

We believe that traditional analog recruiting methods reinforce exclusivity and cookie-cutter hiring mentalities and are fundamentally ineffective. 

We believe that companies that rely solely on universities for early talent and resumes as the core credential for evaluation will not be the winners in the future of work.

We believe that companies need to flip the traditional script of hire and train, to train then hire. Companies are best suited to be the authors of educating the workforce of the future. 

We believe that companies that foster diversity of thought outperform their peers. 

We believe companies must give more than they take and have a social obligation to prepare the next generation of talent with the skills and ability to perform the jobs of the future with zero expectation of ROI. 

We believe the companies that place education and positive impact at the heart of the talent experience will be the companies that win the future. 

The future is already here.

It’s just distributed unevenly.

Many companies are already breaking the cycle and here is how they do it.

The  best companies realize the ‘hire then train’ model is over. The best way to find talent is to flip the script - train, then hire.

They have thrown out antiquated hiring signals like college or GPA. They’re using high fidelity signals to identify intent, fit and potential.

They have realized the campus recruiting ecosystem has not adapted to the rapidly changing early talent landscape. And the new ecosystem is a tapestry of pathways - and the best companies use this to their advantage.”

They know focusing on university students means leaving it too late. Exceptional companies go early and reap the rewards from inspiring and cultivating the next generation of talent.”

For them, the days of a transactional approach to talent are over. The real winners are companies that give more than they take.

Join us in creating a better tomorrow.

There is a new way to prepare individuals for the world of work and give them the opportunity they need to advance their careers meaningfully, for free.

Whether it be preparing for the work of today or tomorrow, we are building an equitable ecosystem where anyone anywhere can access impactful content to build the skills necessary to be employable, confident, fulfilled, and to obtain the job of their dreams. 

Our ecosystem is sustained by companies that train the workforce of the future and build a pipeline of confident, skilled, diverse, and company-ready employees. 

We give opportunity and voice to non-traditional candidates. We help build a world where opportunity is fairly distributed, and everyone receives equal footing. 

So, are you with us? 

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