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Why Forage?

Why Forage?

Three Reasons Partnering with Forage Means Better Business

Employee retention, engagement, and satisfaction are priorities for most companies these days. With Forage, you can improve on all of these metrics by preskilling candidates before they even apply for a job with your organization. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the biggest benefits to a partnership with Forage.

With Forage, New Hires Get To Work Faster — Saving You Time & Resources

When you recruit candidates that have completed a virtual job simulation with Forage, you’ll know what to expect because you helped design their preskilling experience. With a Forage virtual job simulation, you’ll know that:

Candidates will have a thorough understanding of how your organization works

Because your candidate completed a virtual job simulation, they’ll know what your company does, how it’s done, and what is expected from them. This leads to fuller conversations during the interview process, where you and the preskilled candidate can speak the same language and find out if they are really the right fit for your team.

Candidates will have the skills to make an immediate impact

When early talent completes a Forage virtual job simulation, they will be equipped to step into the job and contribute from day one. That’s because jobs simulations teach students the skills and knowledge they need to perform the tasks associated with entry-level positions at your company. In other words, Forage job simulations take on a portion of your onboarding.

Improve Retention and Save Money: Foragers Know They Want to Work With You

We’ve all read about how early talent bounces from one job to another. For example, a recent survey from LinkedIn showed that 25% of Gen Z employees, and 23% of millennials, hope or plan to leave their jobs within the next six months. This is a problem because turnover is expensive, and hiring replacements is time-consuming.Part of the problem with recruiting today is that it’s too easy to apply for a job. With one-click applications on numerous job board websites, candidates don’t have to work very hard to apply to several positions. As a result, students do indeed apply for a lot of jobs, according to a study conducted by Forage. On one end of the spectrum, 30.75% apply to between six and 10 positions. At the other end, 18.13% apply to 41 or more jobs.

Forage's 'The Great Disconnect' Report.

As a result, many candidates don’t know much about the company or positions they’re applying for. Not only does this trend overwhelm recruiters and human resources folks, but it also means many organizations end up hiring people that don’t really know what they’re signing up for. That’s a recipe for poor retention because, after a few months, new hires may find they aren’t passionate about the industry, company, or job they now find themselves in. And with so many job listings at their fingertips, it’s easy to simply apply for a new position.

With Forage, candidates signal authentic intent

In a world where it’s so easy to apply to many jobs without much effort, Forage’s virtual job simulations offer an opportunity to signal authentic intent. Early talent are busy. Many are students, working full- or part-time, and participating in extracurricular activities. By completing a five- or six-hour job simulation with a company and choosing to apply for a position there, candidates are communicating that they are serious about the opportunity and excited by it. That’s a recipe for increased retention and performance.

Case study: Fortune 500 bank experiences success with virtual job simulations

Just 9% of recent applicants to a Fortune 500 bank had completed a virtual job simulation from Forage — we call these candidates “Foragers.” However, 70% of the job offers extended by the company went to Foragers. What is more, every single Forager who was offered a position accepted it. That’s a 100% acceptance rate among candidates who completed a virtual job simulation with Forage.

What is most important about these figures is not just that candidates accepted positions, but that those candidates have demonstrated a strong interest in the company. They are, therefore, much more likely to remain there for the long-term, which — as we’ve discussed — is critically important to business success.

What are you waiting for?

With Forage, you can step into a new era of recruiting — one where candidates are preskilled and ready to contribute from their first day on the job, and where candidates are motivated to stay for the long-term. Visit our website to learn more about how you can improve your recruiting and hiring practice through a partnership with Forage.

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