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Welcome to our new UK General Manager!

Forage is delighted to announce the promotion of Alicia Wells to the role of General Manager to lead Forage’s growing presence in the UK. 

Forage’s belief is that anyone anywhere deserves the right to pursue the career of their dreams. Forage is partnering with leading employers around the world to create open-access virtual job simulations that enable anyone, regardless of their circumstances, to gain skills and career awareness from the best in the business. Forage’s programs have spread like wildfire across the UK, as employers increasingly seek to play their part to enhance social mobility. 

Alicia is one of the founding members of the Forage UK team and has been integral to empowering leading global employers like Ashurst, Clifford Chance and HSBC to play a critical role in leveling the playing field for emerging talent. Since joining Forage in 2020 as an emerging talent strategist, Alicia has been instrumental in facilitating the launch of nearly 50 virtual job simulations across approximately 25 clients in the UK - reaching over 600,000 students in the UK. 

“I'm so excited to lead the Forage UK team as we expand our presence in the UK / EMEA region. This will help us better serve our Foragers (no matter where they are on their career journey) and provide them with more impactful preskilling opportunities. We're also incredibly proud to help employers in this region continue to showcase their compelling work and career paths, while scaling their social impact. They are pivotal to helping us create a better and more equitable talent ecosystem.” 
Alicia Wells, UK General Manager, Forage

Alicia’s promotion to General Manager not only reflects her outstanding leadership and operational capabilities, but also her vision to enhance social mobility and provide a solution for this region that can truly level the playing field in the UK. This is illustrated in her work conceiving of, researching and implementing the 2022 UK Voice of the Forager report. This landmark report includes insights from over 2,200 UK students and explores how employers can play a straightforward but disproportionately impactful role along the school-to-workforce pathway.

With Alicia leading Forage’s growth in the UK, I’m confident we will continue to make a significant mark in the UK / EMEA region. We’re looking forward to working with more UK employers in 2022 and providing UK students with more opportunities for access to real-world skills.
Thomas Brunskill, CEO and Co-Founder, Forage

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