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Meeting UN Sustainable Development Goals

 The sustainable development goals (SDGs) are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect our environment, and ensure people live in peace and prosperity. 

As Secretary-General of the UN, António Guterres, puts it, public and private organizations need to “mobilize partnerships like never before.” Guterres says it’s on innovators and disruptors to embrace new business models, to meet the demands of the SDGs.

Entering the workforce is challenging. It’s often who you know or which school you went to that determines your employment outcomes —but it shouldn’t be like this. Forage is disrupting the traditional education and recruitment model by building the world’s most comprehensive open-access collection of workplace vocational training.

Forage partners with global companies, such as BCG, JPMorgan, CitiBank, and GE, to create free virtual job simulations that help job-seekers build real-world skills and direct relationships with organizations they’d like to work for. To date, over 1.5 million people have enrolled in a Forage program. 

Meeting the SDGs is urgent business

Thomas Brunskill, CEO and co-founder of Forage says he’s proud to work with leading organizations committed to advancing the SDGs. 

“We’re trying to reduce inequalities by providing quality education to anyone who wants it. Through developing the world’s most comprehensive open-access collection of workplace vocational training — we’re being recognized for democratizing education and recruitment." Brunskill says.

“Some of our participants are the first in their family to go to university, some are skilled refugees fleeing from Syria — searching for employment in new countries, and others are people living with a disability and are finally able to receive inclusive and relevant work experience.”

A partnership with Forage can help organizations advance their efforts to achieve the following SDGs: 

  • Access to quality education (SDG 4)
  • Access to Decent work and economic growth (SDG 8) 
  • Reducing inequalities (SDG 10)
  • Peace justice and strong institutions (SDG 16).  

How partnering with Forage can help your organization reduce employment inequalities    

Forage's virtual job simulations replicate the workplace experience through 6 - 8 hour programs that invite participants to complete a series of hypothetical tasks. We work with our partners to build and provide quality education programs by identifying key areas, roles, or skills within their business that they’re seeking to recruit into. 

Equitable design and inclusion are at the heart of Forage. Our simulations are: 

  • entirely free for participants, 
  • self-paced and enable participants to complete the programs around their studies, work, caring responsibilities or hobbies in a safe learning environment, 
  • open-access, enabling anyone, regardless of their ability, socioeconomic background, race, or geographic location — the same opportunity to explore careers and upskill with global employers. 

It’s purposeful that these experiences aren’t for the privileged few. Access to technology means that Forage gives everyone the tools to meaningfully engage in vocational education to advance their careers at scale. 

We’ve worked with over 80 leading employers to make their workplace more equitable by embedding accessibility as the foundation of their diverse recruitment strategies. They are opening their doors earlier to prospective employees from diverse backgrounds and providing them with an opportunity to learn about their workplace, upskill and build confidence well before they’ve applied or interviewed for a role. 

We also know that our vocational simulations lead to better employment outcomes for our Foragers. Tom Brunskill reports:

People who complete Forage programs with companies are on average between 2 to 4 times more likely than other applicants to receive an interview and accept a job with that employer." 

Our work with global commercial law firm Clifford Chance  

Multinational law firm Clifford Chance has launched four virtual job simulations with Forage across a range of topics, including business and human rights and climate change, and cybersecurity law. These programs have reached over 50,000 people in less than one year. 

Head of Graduate Talent at Clifford Chance, Laura Yeates, says: 

“As signatories of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we believe that education is vital for building a better world for all. We believe that social progress cannot happen without everyone having access to quality education. Therefore, we support and run activities around the world with the aim of protecting and expanding access to education. Our global virtual work experience programs with Forage are open-access, meaning anyone can participate and have access to these programs from anywhere.”

Working with international giant General Electric 

General Electric (GE) is a global energy, healthcare, and transport infrastructure company with relationships in more than 170 countries. GE has launched three virtual job simulations with Forage, allowing people to explore careers with GE in enterprise resource planning, data analytics, and human resources. Over the past eighteen months, these programs have reached over 45,000 people.

Global Program Manager - HR Leadership Program Imola Richard says:

 “GE is excited to partner with Forage to practice responsible leadership and honor our corporate social responsibility. We are pleased to see the impact and reach of our programs which powerfully help us support our SDG commitments to quality education and reducing inequalities. The accessibility of Forage’s programs is crucial - they are free, available on-demand, and enable everyone equal insight and access into GE. We’ve designed our virtual experience programs to empower people from all over the world with necessary tools and skills to succeed in future-focused careers by removing the traditional barriers.” 

Start Making Progress on SDGs Today

Forage is always looking to work with private, public, and not-profit-sector organizations committed to innovating their approach to achieving sustainable development goals. If this sounds like your organization — please get in touch today.

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