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Forage partners with uConnect to offer free virtual job simulations

Millions of students now have increased access to free virtual job simulations thanks to Forage’s new integration with uConnect. 

uConnect simplifies engaging with career services for over 4 million students by embedding career education into campus culture. As the first ever all-in-one virtual career center, schools like MIT and UPenn use uConnect to create a single home for their complete range of career resources, information, and tools. 

With the integration, uConnect users can add hundreds of Forage courses directly to their virtual career center platform. The virtual job simulations empower students to build the practical skills that employers are looking for, increasing their likelihood of landing a job and interviewing effectively.

And with Forage programs being free, virtual, and open access 24/7/365, students can complete virtual job simulations on their own terms and at their own pace, removing barriers to entry.

“From day one, uConnect has been all-in on career services and helping career centers across the country scale their impact and help more students build meaningful lives and careers. Our partnership with Forage is a critical step toward our goal of making career services accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime,” David Kozhuk, Founder and CEO of uConnect. 

Forage simulations ensure that graduates are more ‘work-ready’ and have the opportunity to explore new careers. Through Forage, all students have the means, regardless of their circumstances, to experience what it’s like to work at some of the biggest employers in the world like Walmart, Lyft, JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, BCG, and Accenture.

“Our integration with uConnect will be a valuable resource to career centers who want to provide their students with a comprehensive career services offering that demystifies careers and allows their students to start building relevant skills and connect directly with leading employers,” Jeremy Grunfeld, Director of Education Partnerships at Forage.

Forage joins the ranks of high-impact career exploration and skill-building tools offered through uConnect. The modern career services professional can now, at scale, provide students with opportunities to explore careers, become work-ready, and increase their likelihood of landing a job with virtual job simulations.

In fact, students who complete Forage courses are: 

  • 2x more likely to get an interview 
  • 4x more likely to receive an offer 
  • 4x more likely to accept an offer

Forage virtual job simulations, designed in collaboration with companies, take an average of five hours to complete and simulate projects or tasks that employees at a particular company would complete. This allows students to build tangible, real-life skills and truly understand what their career could look like.

Many of Forage’s university partners already work with uConnect and we are looking forward to universities taking advantage of this integration. If you are an existing uConnect customer, check out this article in the uConnect client portal on how to set up the integration or reach out to your uConnect representative. 

Register here for a webinar on Thursday, July 28th at 3:00pm EST on experiential learning for equitable design with Mahak Hassan, Education Partnerships Manager, David Kozhuk, Founder & CEO of uConnect and Eileen McGarry, Executive Director of Career Services at University of Nevada-Las Vegas. During this time we'll feature how Eileen and her team are leveraging the Forage integration with uConnect to provide equitable access to opportunities for their students. 

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