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Introducing Forage for Education

Experiential learning is vital. But scaling it is really hard work. It seemed it could never be solved. Until now.

Introducing Forage for Education!

Forage for Education empowers educators to integrate scalable project-based learning from world leading companies directly into curriculum and internship programs for free.

That’s a mouthful. Let’s break this down a bit.

What’s project-based learning?

Forage is at the forefront of a brand spanking new industry. We partner with Fortune 500 companies to create free, virtual and interactive (6-8 hour) job simulations that closely replicate work at these companies.

These simulations eliminate barriers to students gaining work experience and empower them to build the practical skills leading local employers want, in a low stress environment.

Think of these simulations like a library of curated, interactive and engaging employer generated case studies that are ready for free and on-demand for you and your students. No need to spend countless hours developing one to one relationships or writing content. You’ve now got a fabulous resource to modernize curriculum with exceptional, industry-relevant content at your fingertips.

Over 2 million students have already loved job simulations on Forage and on average, students that complete a simulation are 4 times more likely to land a job at that company.

Which world leading companies offer simulations?

To date, over 100 of the world’s top companies (and graduate employers) have job simulations on Forage. BCG, KPMG, JPMorgan, Citi, Accenture, Goldman Sachs, EA, General Electric, Walmart and Aon just to name a few (view the full library here). We’re talking about the companies your students dream about working at.

Each employer has spent hundreds of hours painstakingly replicating their work, so that your students can get a genuine insight into what the day-to-day is like.

We’re onboarding dozens of new simulations with new employers each and every month. Best part - every single one is available for educators to add to courses for free (today and forever).

Scaling experiential learning is tough. How does this scale?

We’ve heard it thousands of times before: ‘experiential learning doesn’t scale’.

We have just one thing to say: ‘that’s complete rubbish’.

Every job simulation on Forage is completely free and open-access, meaning there are no limits on the number of participants. This means that you can add job simulations to any course and every single student can participate with no applications required.

Adding job simulations to your course is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Register as an educator on Forage (do it right now, here).
  2. Choose from our library of simulations.
  3. Get creative! We suggest creating an assessment (perhaps a reflection about the experience).

You can have simulations with world leading companies in your coursework and in the hands of every one of your students (whether you teach a class of 12 or 1200) within 5 minutes. This is experiential learning on-demand!

Why’s it free?

We get asked a lot… yes, Forage is free for every education institution and every learner around the world.

Why? Fundamentally we believe that talent is evenly distributed, but opportunity is not. We want to break down the barriers to gaining experience and building career confidence. We’re not in the business of charging students or education institutions. Not now, not ever!

It’s not fair that students from Ivy League schools get greater access and opportunity with top employers. We’re here to create a level playing field where every student can build skills and gain insights. That’s what motivates us each day.

We think you agree with us… over 350 institutions around the world have already added Forage simulations to their coursework and that’s because we all share this belief - the current system isn’t fair and we need a better way forward for our students.

Why put Forage in curriculum and internship programs?

Prior to officially launching Forage for Education, we’ve been beta testing with a select group of institutions around the world (350 to be precise… and a huge thank you to each of you).

What did we learn? Well, often it’s the students that need the most support who are the least willing to seek it out for themselves. No, you don’t have to make Forage a requirement (it could be for extra-credit or just a gentle suggestion), but we’ve found it works best when it’s mandatory. It opens students eyes to careers they never imagined were available to them.

It’s all well and good for us to toot our own horn, but our friend Katherine Leopold (Principal Lecturer at the University of Greenwich) says it best: “with Forage, I’ve got students thinking about careers they thought were closed to them because they’ve done simulations as part of my subjects which is amazing. Having these resources for free has been a game-changer”.

Wrapping it up & how you can get involved

We think Forage will be a game-changer for you (and your students) too. So join our revolution and let’s make complaining about the challenges of experiential learning a thing of the past. Let’s transform experiential learning together and ensure you can reach every student at your institution, where learning naturally takes place, in the classroom!

Click here to register as an educator on Forage and to get simulations set up in your coursework in just 5 minutes.

P.S. - we exist to serve you and love your feedback. Got something nice to share (or something angry and mean) hit us up at (we’ll be forever grateful) 💕

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