Laura Mills

Former AVP of HR at Cognizant, Laura Mills is Forage's Head of Early Career Insights. She leverages her near 30 years' experience in the early career space - both at major global employers and universities - to provide critical guidance and expertise to early talent teams looking to elevate their talent strategies.

Bridging the Confidence Gap

In the world of early career talent, the "confidence gap" is pervasive. Leading employers leverage job simulations to help bridge that gap and build students' skills & confidence.

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Is Your Inclusive Recruiting Strategy TRULY Inclusive?

The education-to-workforce pathway is a product of a system that benefits the privileged. The challenge is not convincing recruiters to attract, engage, and hire more diverse talent but to do it more effectively.

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Job Searching Is Easy… Said No One… Ever

Effective recruiting teams are just as focused on helping talent opt into their recruiting process as they are on empowering talent to opt out.

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Move from high-cost to high-impact talent: from Boomer to Zoomer

Given the unique and desirable qualities that early career talent brings to organizations, it seems like a great time to shift the percentage of early-career talent hires into overdrive.

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