Virtual job simulations that inspire, engage and hire the next generation of early talent.

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Inspire by bringing your workplace to life.

  • Showcase what you do through free life-like skilling experiences that simulate your workplace.
  • Illustrate what makes your company unique through bespoke and immersive brand pages.
  • Empower emerging talent by introducing different career paths.

Engage talent and benefit from enhanced hiring signals.

  • Accessible 24/7/365 through always-on and digitally scalable virtual job simulations.
  • Self-paced and no deadlines - a safe learning environment for emerging talent.
  • Virtual job simulations bespoke to specific jobs that bring to surface high-intent candidates.

Hire emerging talent that's ready to do the work.

  • Virtual simulations with proven pedagogy that simulate workplace scenarios. The work isn't real, but it feels real.
  • Participants gain key skills that can be used on the job - before they even start.
  • Candidates gain confidence and an enhanced skills toolkit.
Foragers are 5x more likely to accept an offer
Students are 2x more likely to accept an secure an interview when they've used Forage

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